Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider opens tomorrow – Sarah just reviewed the movie in the previous post– and it occurs to me now that it’s been 15 years since we last saw Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. Which means that there’s an entire generation that doesn’t know her as Lara Croft. The only Lara Croft they’ll know will be Alicia. They do, however, know Angelina as Maleficent. Maleficent made over $750 million worldwide, a major success for Disney. And they were waiting for Angelina to decide whether or not she’d do a sequel. She will. Filming begins a month from now, in London, and is expected to take about four months, wrapping some time in August. (OMG she’ll be in England when the royal wedding happens! Can Angelina please be invited?!?)

Angelina hasn’t been in front of a camera since By The Sea in 2015 so by the time Maleficent 2 comes out, and the earliest would be 2019, it will have been close to or maybe even over 5 years since she’s been seen on screen. I interviewed her on the Maleficent junket. We talked about red lipstick and using humour to flirt and I asked her about the kids and the wedding. It was three months before she and Brad Pitt were married. She was not unwilling to go there, even though she knew that that’s where I was taking her. I wonder what she’ll be like when it’s time to promote Maleficent again. 

In other Angelina news, there’s a rumour that she’s wants to hook up with Garrett Hedlund. This is coming from Radar and the report is full of ass. That said… I’ve been trying to conjure this and it would be great if it could happen because they’d look great together, non? 

Attached – Angelina with Miss Zahara and Vivienne on Sunday in LA. That’s a lot of stationery products. Are they making invitations? Or Easter gifts?