Dear Gossips,

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow begins the Year of the Rat! The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac which means that we are entering a new twelve year cycle on the Chinese astrological dial. And that seems fitting for a certain royal born under the sign of the Rat: Prince Harry. 

As we prepare for Year of the Rat, let’s revisit my ma, the Squawking Chicken’s forecast for the Rat from last year. One sentence stands out: 

“There may also be backstabbers in your way, people starting rumours that f-ck up your flow.”

Well. In Prince Harry’s case, that certainly applied. And then there was this:

“In August and September, you may need endure rumours – try not to retaliate against those who are threatened by you. The time will come, later, for you to have your say.”  

She’s my ma and even I’m sometimes startled at how accurate she can be. 

As mentioned the other day, the Squawking Chicken has now retired from Chinese astrological forecasting. She’ll be 70 soon and she must dedicate all her energy to her own luck reserves. However, as promised, there are a few general notes to share. For Rats in particular… 

Rats in the Year of the Rat must harvest. It is a time to protect and conserve luck and not a time to spend it. This means hanging back and assessing, strategising, refueling. Remember, there are years when you can hit top gear, gas it all the way. And there are some years when it’s better to take your foot off the pedal and coast, even slow down, and wait for your opportunities. They will come eventually if you navigate this period effectively. 

Staying with the driving metaphor, Rats must be very, very, VERY careful in the car this year and when you’re travelling in general. Ma says that Dogs can be allies for Rats this year. If you’re a Rat and you have dogs at home, this might help you.

And now some general guidelines for everyone, not just Rats. Everybody go get a health checkup after February 4, bloodwork if possible, just for precautions. The Chinese Squawking Chicken says that the luckiest colour this year is burgundy/ox blood/dark red/whatever you want to call it. Which means that Beyoncé was right on – no surprise – when she chose burgundy for the IVY PARK x adidas first drop. 

Here’s the overall Chinese zodiac compatibility connection, as in this is the general rule each and every year although, of course, it’s not a strict science and exceptions are always possible:

Rats pair well with Dragons, Monkeys, and Ox. They clash with Horses, Rabbits, and Sheep/Goats. 

Ox vibes with Rats, Snakes, and Roosters. Not so much with Sheep/Goats, Horses, and Dogs. 

Tigers have good times with Horses and Dogs and may experience tensions with Monkeys and Snakes. 

Rabbits are solid with Sheep/Goats, Dogs, and Pigs. Roosters and Rats are their nemeses. 

Dragons jam well with Rats, Monkeys, and Roosters but are not down with Dogs. 

Snakes can party with Ox and Rooster but not with Pigs and Tigers. 

Horses are well suited to Tigers, Sheep/Goats, and Dogs. Not with Rats and Ox. 

Sheep/Goats have chemistry with Rabbits, Horses, and Pigs. It’s more challenging with Ox and Dog. (Here’s an example of an exception though: Duana is a Sheep/Goat and I’m an Ox and, clearly, we get along. The reason is that we operate in fringe industries, considered in Chinese culture to be, like, “side door people”, that’s how my ma describes it. And since Duana and I have chosen side door professions, sometimes we can bend the conventional formulas. What? I don’t fully understand it either. That’s how layered and complicated Chinese astrology can get.) 

Monkeys flow with Rats and Dragons. It’s bumpier with Tigers and Pigs. 

Roosters groove with Ox, Dragons, and Snakes but aren’t that into Rabbits. 

Dogs can chill with Tigers, Rabbits, and Horses but not with Dragons and Ox. 

Pigs play well with Sheep/Goats and Rabbit but not with Snakes and Monkeys.


Now to the draw: as always, the Chinese Squawking Chicken has prepared lucky charms to give away. This year the charms are meant for those born under the sign of the Rat. They are dog charms and they should be kept in the car for extra protection. You can see them in the carousel below:


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If you are a Rat or you know a Rat and you would like to enter the draw, please email [email protected] with “YEAR OF THE RAT” in the subject line by EOD Monday, January 27, 2020. We have a limited amount and we are sorry we can’t send to everyone but if you can find a little stuffed dog, a dog bobblehead, a dog keychain, or some little trinket with a dog on it – does not have to be expensive, go to the dollar store! – to put in your car, that works too. 

May the Year of the Rat be gentle and forgiving. May we all find ways to connect and understand. Wishing you all good health, and peace, and kindness, and joy. Easy sailing, soft waters, smooth rides. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yours in gossip,