Fresh Off The Boat resumes production this week which is when Constance Wu will join the cast and the crew and the president of ABC, Karey Burke, at the table read. I already have a stomach ache imagining whether or not that will be awkward. Karey is saying that it’s all good, that everyone has accepted Constance’s apology. But she hasn’t seen her colleagues since she bitched on Twitter that she still had a job – which meant that everyone else still has a job. Food is known to work as an icebreaker and a kind gesture. So if you were Constance, what snacks would you bring to the table read? (Dlisted) 

I saw Hobbs and Shaw this weekend and, as Sarah wrote in her review it was stupid and delightful and I had a great time. Also, as Sarah wrote in her review, Vanessa Kirby is amazing. You cannot and don’t want to take your eyes off her. She not only keeps up with The Rock and Jason Statham, she steals every scene – and with this movie she’s showing of alllll that versatility. She can do period dramas, she can play misunderstood, constrained aristocrats, and she can act the sh-t out of an action movie. Credit to her makeup artist too because her eyeliner does not move through the whole two hours. (Cele|bitchy) 

Is this is a romper on Margot Robbie or a dress? Whatever it is, I’m into it. I’m into the shoulders, and I’m definitely into the print. It reminds of the cover of a children’s book. Also I used to hate sandals like this but now I want a pair, if I can find them with a strap around the back of the ankle because shoes without ankle support at the back are dangerous for constant trippers like me. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Casey Affleck went on Dax Shepard’s podcast and… it’s always nice when celebrities offer their platforms to other celebrities in defence of them, you know? Dustin Rowles unpacks their complicated, frustrating conversation that isn’t necessarily a total sh-t show but there are some sh-tty moments and I’m not sure anyone here is directly confronting the issues that need to be discussed, which may be due to whatever NDAs came out of the settlement or whatever so I guess my question is…can you have an honest and uncomfortable conversation about change when you’re trying to avoid legal landmines? (Pajiba) 

Like many of you, I will be spending the night reading as many tributes to Toni Morrison as possible. Here’s a wonderful piece by Jess Row on “Toni Morrison’s joyful, unfinished work”. What she’s left behind is an extraordinary source of wisdom and healing because she lived up to her purpose: “If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” (Vulture)