Dear Gossips, 

MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS airs tonight in most territories, obviously times varying by time zone. In the US, the event is happening at 9pm ET. Meanwhile Canadian ARMYs have been wondering for days whether or not BTS Unplugged will be broadcast on MTV Canada. Me too. I’ve been asking now for two weeks and the answer is that the event will NOT be simulcast here in Canada but will be available to view online after it airs in the States. The show will go up overnight at around 3am ET at the MTV Canada website which you can access here


If you’re in Canada then are you planning your sleep schedule around this? Do you go to bed early and wake up early? Or is it a disco nap and then wake up and just push through with a modified all-nighter? I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing…except probably avoiding Twitter so that I won’t be spoiled by the millions of BTS fans who will be taking over the platform tonight. 

Heads up then for those of you who aren’t BTS focused. Depending on how you’ve curated your feed, the band is going to be dominating Twitter tonight with GIFs and fancams and memes and all kinds of exuberance. You can ignore it… or you can tap in and finally give yourself over to what you’ve been missing. 

If your first introduction to BTS is going to be BTS Unplugged, it’s an excellent initiation, and it will likely dispel the assumptions that you may have had about their artistry and talent. 

Yours in gossip,