Dear Gossips,

Sarah went to Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop summit on Saturday. Several of her posts about the products and services presented at the summit – like crystal therapy, aura photography, and Moonjuice – have already been posted to the LifeStyle page. Her full piece on the experience will go up later today.

Let’s start though with the Tony Awards. I’m not the resident musical theatre/stage nerd here at LaineyGossip. Duana and Joanna occupy that space. But I have been pretty consistently watching the Tony Awards over the last few years, partly because of their influence, and partly because Broadway in so many ways is ahead of Hollywood in representation and in inclusion. That’s not to say that Broadway has it down, because of course, of course nothing is perfect, improvement can always happen. And still, last night, from Lynn Nottage to Paula Vogel and Rebecca Taichman, Denée Benton and Eva Noblezada to Bette Midler and Patti Lupone and Laurie Metcalf, so many women of different ages and backgrounds were present and visible and heard from and acknowledged, both in their capacity as performers or creators and directors, alongside gay artists, non-conforming artists, and legendary artists, like August Wilson, whose play, Jitney, won the Tony for Best Play Revival. And it wasn’t just what we could see – it was also what we could feel. There was never any sense, not to me, anyway, that anyone was too cool. You could see it as soon as Lin-Manuel Miranda started talking. He walked on stage, a year after Hamilton dominated at the Tonys, a proper superstar now, and, I don’t know if you noticed, but he kinda nervous-giggle-twitched from the excitement. It’s a spontaneous gesture/reaction you’re probably familiar with if you have friends who are theatre geeks. I’ve seen it over and over from Duana and Joanna. They can’t help themselves. And I love it. Because it’s true and sweet and, most importantly, it’s open.

Yours in gossip,