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Big day for England yesterday – and I’m not just talking about the introduction of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor of House Sussex, although that was my first English priority. My husband, Jacek, he cared about Archie too, as my partner on this website, but his primary English preoccupation on Wednesday was the Tottenham Hotspur match against AFC Ajax in the Champions League semifinal. For the uninitiated, I’m talking about soccer – or football – and, if you’ve been reading this site a while, I’ve mentioned before that Jacek is all about the English Premiere League and a Spurs fanatic. 

Earlier this week, Liverpool pulled off a miraculous comeback against Barcelona to advance. Yesterday Tottenham also overcame an aggregate deficit to win, making it an all-England Champions League final on 1 June (we’ll style it the English way in their honour on this occasion) in Madrid. 

Archie dominated social media for several hours and then later shared trending space with the Spurs for the most of the evening yesterday. Can we say then that Archie and Tottenham are bonded? His dad, Prince Harry, is more of a rugby guy than a football guy but he has said that most of the royal family supports Arsenal. Prince William, however, who is President of the Football Association, is an Aston Villa fan. Archie could go his own way, which is why they gave him the name that they gave him. He’s supposed to do his own thing, be who he wants to be – including riding for the Spurs. 

Also? Tottenham Hotspur blue is very similar to Sussex blue. This is Sussex Blue: 


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Now compare that to the image I’ve featured with this post. Same, non? 

Here’s Prince William’s reaction to Tottenham’s win – a personal tweet:

He did this for Liverpool a couple of days ago too: 


You think he’s going to be in Spain on 1 June? Can he take his nephew with him? 

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