We are just one day away from the release of Filthy Rich, the Jeffrey Epstein docuseries on Netflix. Are you watching? What’s your strategy? One episode a night or will you binge it all straight through? These last few months in lockdown, I’ve been cooking every night. But we have not been eating at the table. We eat on the couch, watching TV. I thought about watching Filthy Rich tonight but… I wonder if it’ll spoil my appetite and I have a great dinner planned: beef, asparagus, and mushrooms stir-fried in soy sauce and butter over a bed of rice. Too good to ruin with Epstein’s pedo grossness. 


Especially after I read this preview of what we’re going to get on Prince Andrew. Per Town & Country: 

“…a former Epstein employee who served as an IT person on Little Saint James Island at the time, claims he saw Queen Elizabeth's son touching a topless woman at the island's pool.

"Jeffrey hung out with a lot of powerful and well-known figures both politically and financially, and I mean British royalty," Skully says in the documentary, referencing the influential guests Epstein brought to the island.

"It was probably around 2004, I saw Prince Andrew. He was at the pool. He was with at that time an unknown girl to me. She was young, She didn't have any top on. They were engaged in foreplay. He was grabbing her, and grinding against her."

I don’t have an appetite after reading that. You? 

The girl was Virginia Roberts Giuffre who was pictured with Prince Andrew with his arm around her and alleges that she was sex trafficked to the Queen’s second son by his friend, the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew can’t recall ever meeting Virginia. Well that’s comforting. To not remember a girl you allegedly groped, grabbed, and grinded. Because… there were so many you may have groped, grabbed, and grinded? 


Like I said a couple of weeks ago when I first posted about Filthy Rich, these are details that have been reported before. In newspaper articles and news programs, yes, but not Netflix. Netflix, as we’ve seen, has a way of putting on blast a story that we thought we knew. And if the people working for the British royal family know what they’re doing (sometimes I wonder), they should be keeping an eye on this. They should be watching. They should be ready for it to blow up. Because there are going to be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people watching someone on camera giving an account describing the time he saw Prince Andrew of England with his fat fingers all over an underaged girl. Remember, this is the prince they’ve spent decades now trying to protect. Amazing that they don’t extend the same efforts to other people in the family. 

Watch Filthy Rich on Netflix starting tomorrow. We’ll talk more about it later this week and next?