As I said yesterday, Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the ones I wait for. She was worth waiting for last year. This year though…

Duana called it “Diana Ross cosplay” which, like, if there’s ever going to be anyone to cosplay Diana Ross, it’s Tracee Ellis Ross. Here’s how she explained her look: 

To me, apart from the colour, I don’t know if I can see it. To me, it’s a stretch. And believe me, it hurts to say it. Because I adore her so much. But I’m not sure that Michael Kors was the one for her this time. She was the sh-t in Comme des Garcons in 2017. This is a case of Met Gala mismatch even though the colour is spectacular on her. 

As for whether or not Yara Shahidi was mismatched… 

I can’t decide. Her stylist, Jason Bolden, told The Hollywood Reporter that Yara’s Chanel look for her first ever Met Gala was “this beautiful play on the idea of marriage to religion”. So we’re going with the young bride vibe. Sure. But in THR’s Power Stylists Roundtable a couple of months ago, he also said that, “When I was working on Yara [Shahidi]'s 2017 Emmys dress, I was on the phone with [Prada] saying it had to be her last princess moment”.

She was pretty princessy last night, wouldn’t you say? What happened to moving away from that? 

And yet. And yet. Yara was at the Chanel presentation at Paris Fashion Week in January. When I wrote about that at the time, I noted that these were big moves for her – Chanel is one of the most selective, if not the most selective, labels. Yara is clearly becoming a Chanel favourite. To wear Chanel, at 18, at her first Met Gala? I can’t sh-t on that. 

But. But. BUT. 

There was a “bride” look at that show, that I highlighted in that post, that would have worked SO MUCH BETTER for her at the Met Gala. Remember this?

Tuxedo Bride

Why couldn’t it have been that?