Ever. Tracee Ellis Ross has yet to let me down on a red carpet and I don’t ever expect her to. I screamed when I saw her. I know I tell you I scream and cry a lot so you might not believe me anymore but it’s true. I’m obnoxious. My reaction to Tracee Ellis Ross was obnoxious but completely necessary. I just read that she was wearing black joggers under her Marc Jacobs dress and now I think someone is going to have to come resuscitate me. On any carpet, this would be my pick for best dressed. Tracee Ellis Ross solidified her status as a fashion icon with this look. This is a look we’re going to be talking about for years. 

Tracee doesn’t disappoint with her style and she also never lets me down with her words. This is a woman who can back it up. Some of the women walking the carpet in black didn’t seem as prepared as they should have been to speak on sexual harassment and gender equality (ahem, Alison Brie) but Tracee Ellis Ross does not play around. She has been one of the most vocal actresses in the Time’s Up initiative. 

Here’s what she told PEOPLE about her decision to wear black: 

“I wear black today as a “we” not as an “I”, as a celebration of our collective power as women, as an embodiment of sisterhood, solidarity and the work being done to create structural change. We wear black for equity, parity and inclusion across all industries. We wear black to join with the voices of ALL women, particularly women of color, LGBTQX women, disabled women and all other women who have been disproportionately affected by sexual violence. TIMES UP on discrimination, harassment and abuse.”

Tracee Ellis Ross was not nominated for a Golden Globe in 2018 and we’re going to be talking about her and remembering images of her at this year’s show for a long time.