When Tracee Ellis Ross showed up on the Emmy red carpet, everyone else could have gone home. They should have gone home. I don’t understand how they didn’t. Tracee Ellis Ross showing up on the Emmy red carpet was like when Rihanna shows up to the Met Gala. Collect your things. It’s over. Time to pack up. The main event has arrived. Nothing else matters anymore. 


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I mean, COME ON. If I was scrolling through Instagram on my way to the Emmys and saw Tracee Ellis Ross post that, I’d turn the car around. “Welp, better luck next year,” I’d say to my husband Michael Bae Jordan. 

This Valentino Haute Couture gown is so over-the-top, it could only be worn by maybe two people: Tracee Ellis Ross and Rihanna. No one else. Tracee’s stylist Karla Welch caption her pic of Tracee as “go big or go home".  EXACTLY. They went big and everyone else should have gone home. 

This wasn’t a surprise. Tracee Ellis Ross always brings it. Last year, she was in Chanel couture. This is much better. I would have screamed if Tracee won in this hot pink, glamourous garbage bag of a dress (in the BEST way) but the fact that she chose this gown makes me think that she knew she wasn’t going to win. This doesn’t seem like an easy dress to do stairs in. It’s not a timeless piece you can look back fondly at when reminiscing about your Emmy win in either. Some people are not going to get this dress. Those people can go back to yoga pants and sweaters with inspirational quotes on them. Yeah, I said it: ya basic! Tracee didn’t wear this dress for them. She knew she wasn’t going go to win an Emmy but she knew should could shut down the red carpet and that’s precisely what she did. Tracee Ellis Ross DID THAT. 

She also invented the colour pink. Here’s Beauty editor Ashley Weatherford with my favourite Tracee tweet of the night. HA.