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I think I knew about Tom Cruise once wanting to be a priest. And all 19 year olds have raging hard-ons. But those two details in combination, this is a first. Do you remember what it used to be like for Warren Beatty? That there would be a line outside of his trailer of women waiting to have their turn with him? And that he was insatiable? He was older than 19 then. (Dlisted) 

It depends on what the “solo vacation” looked like. And what my budget is. If I’m going to London? And I’m not staying in hostels? If I’m on Tracee Ellis Ross’s budget? For sure. Jacek can stay home, I’m good on my own. But if it’s the kind of holiday that requires a lot of packing up and carrying your own sh-t, you don’t want to be alone for that. Like this past weekend when Lorella and I went to Graceland, we didn’t want to check baggage and our carry-on bags were SO heavy. It was the only time I wanted my husband around – getting from gate to gate at the airport. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t think it’s the grow-out phase that’s the problem with Kristen Wiig’s hair. To me it’s the colour. Right now she looks like Mrs Brady. But imagine if she went with a darker shade. Imagine it was a rich brown. Imagine if it was red. Or maybe the key is to go lighter. Like platinum. I’d be into this hair if it was platinum. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you watch the last episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? If you’re familiar with the show, you should know how John would react to a cease and desist. That said, that script would have been lawyered up and down. Because now the lawyers are coming. Which is what he was expecting anyway. And it will give him more content for next week. (TMZ) 

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus are supposedly living together now. What’s he like as a roommate? I feel like he would be the kind of roommate who’d dictate what music you could and couldn’t play in the house. There’s a rumour that Diane and Norman went to Graceland recently. So, probably, Elvis would be allowed on the playlist? (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

You know why I wouldn’t wear this, other than the fact that it’s not my style? My nipples would itch. Don’t your nipples itch against lace? This is also why I can’t wear lingerie. It’s the itch…and then I always feel like lace is a moisture sucker and my nipples end up super dry afterwards too. Please let me know if this happens to you or if it’s just my mutant nipples. (Popoholic) 

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