What did I tell you yesterday about my girl? Allow me to quote myself. Because I haven’t slept, and I can’t come up with any new words but also because Tracee Ellis Ross just killed it at her first MET Gala and I f-cking called it on the LifeStyle page:

I’m putting a lot of hope in her, hope that she will interpret the theme, honour Rei Kawakubo with structure, an unconventional shape, some imagination. And not a boring AF sheer dress with beaded panels.

She didn’t just honour Rei Kawakubo, she wore Comme Des Garcons. She wore probably the most wearable CDG of the night. This is a CDG that goes straight from the runway to whatever real life occasion you need to take it to: work, work dinner, friend dinner, brunch, if you’re feeling yourself, picking up the kids, a date, a family gathering, f-ck, you could wear it on the school run with a pair of sneakers, it all works. And without compromising the classic Kawakubo elements: asymmetry, architectural draping, engineered billowing, and all the drama and mystery of a high collar that hides and invites at the same time. But in the safest colour ever. What could be more fashionable? What could be more stylish?

Tracee. Ellis. Ross. At 44 years old, triumphant at her maiden MET, yessss!