When Adele’s new Vogue profiles came out a few weeks ago, there was a part where she talked about drinking wine that I wanted to include in my post but couldn’t fit it in. This is what she said: 


“My first emergency run [during lockdown] at the grocery store was for Whispering Angel and ketchup. Whispering Angel turned me into a barking dog. It did not make me whisper.”

Whispering Angel is a rosé and while I don’t know sh-t about wine, I do know that rosé is my preferred…varietal? Is that the categorisation?... and that Whispering Angel took over in Toronto about three years ago. For whatever reason, everyone was talking about it and buying it and serving it and ordering it and at $30 a pop, where I live, it’s not considered cheap in my circles, although that’s probably cheap for Adele who can drink a $500 bottle every night if she wants to but Whispering Angel is apparently her go-to. 

So I wonder if she’ll actually name-check it on the new album? 

Adele’s 30 comes out in a couple of weeks and it’s the music avalanche everyone’s been bracing for. In the previous post about Taylor Swift, I mentioned the imminent release of New Red, which was actually pushed up to November 12 from its original November 19 date because of Adele. Everyone get out of the way. 


Back to wine – the tracklist for 30 is now available, note song #7 via Variety:

1. Strangers by Nature
2. Easy on Me
3. My Little Love
4. Cry Your Heart Out
5. Oh My God
6. Can I Get It
7. I Drink Wine
8. All Night Parking (With Erroll Garner) Interlude
9. Woman Like Me
10. Hold On
11. To Be Loved
12. Love Is a Game

Bonus Tracks:
13. Wild Wild West
14. Can’t Be Together
15. Easy on Me (With Chris Stapleton)

“I Drink Wine”, LOL. Song title of the year, seriously. And like I mentioned above, you think Whispering Angel will make a cameo? If so, they should send her some stocks. 


Also, will she perform it during her special, Adele One Night Only? They’ve now released a teaser for it and, well, these shots are amazing. For Adele, they brought in the drones. 

Not to get all TV geek on you but you’ll note they shot it late afternoon/early evening so the light changes throughout. Which tells you how much they put into the production to adjust for the sun setting – something that was actually not great work during the Oscars, for example, which took place in a room with windows and as it got later and later, it didn’t seem like they accounted for enough light during the live show. Pretty sure this won’t be a problem for Adele. 

She and Oprah also matched in white. I wonder if they planned it? The special airs November 14, I can’t wait.