At the end of their tour of southern Africa, it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan had participated in the filming of a documentary with ITV, hosted by Tom Bradby, about the work they were doing there. A trailer for the doc was just released and the highlight is a shot of Harry holding Archie Harrison Windsor-Mountbatten while Meghan kisses him on the head. The video can be seen here – and I’ve embedded below. 

You’ll recall, Harry launched Love Shield 2019, revealing Meghan’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail, just before the last day of the tour and it became a big story, a story that got even bigger when, a few days later, he confirmed that he was also suing the Mirror and the Sun. And remember, Tom Bradby tweeted intriguingly about the documentary: 

So will the Sussexes be addressing their relationship with the press? Of course most of the air time will be devoted to their work and their causes but there’s no way it won’t come up, right? Not only because, since Tom Bradby and his crew were right there when it happened, his job is to ask about it. But also because Harry, as we’ve seen, hasn’t exactly been low-key about how he feels about the British tabloids and why he’s taken this position. This is not a topic he seems to want to avoid. This has been an aggressive play and talking to Tom Bradby about it would be the first time Harry has his say on camera. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I think Love Shield 2019 will come up in the documentary. It might not take up all the minutes, but it’ll take up a few minutes. 

So far, House Sussex has not promoted the documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, on their social media channels. Their latest post is a quote board: 


There’s a typo. So it’s not just the Cambridges who can get sloppy on social. The difference here though is that while this typo is frustrating, because, well, the Sussexes have shown us so much great game and typos are like silly turnovers on the court (these are the mistakes that can make you craziest), it’s not harmful in the sense that it exists without other implication, it doesn’t create more gossip. Unlike the audio we heard in the Cambridge video with the words “Meghan” and “jealous”. If the Sussexes had posted a video like that, the Daily Mail would be all over them for their pettiness. Curiously nothing about the Cambridge audio is making headlines.