Justin Timberlake’s new album, Everything I Thought It Was, drops tomorrow. The lead single “Selfish” was released several weeks ago and another song “Drown” came out shortly after – both have been flops. 


The tour, however, has been selling well, so he clearly has an engaged fanbase but there’s not really a lot of hype, he’s not taking up a lot of pop culture space, especially not with Ariana Grande’s album, Eternal Sunshine, coming out last Friday (I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and Beyoncé’s two weeks from now, and then Taylor Swift’s a couple weeks after that. Is there even enough bandwidth for JT? This, in part, is why Vox just published a piece today written by Kyndall Cunningham that asks the question “Is Justin Timberlake the popstar anyone wants?” Obviously I read every word. 


Last night JT performed a show at the Wiltern and the biggest headlines coming out of the event, at least on my feeds, is that the one-night-only concert featured another *NSYNC reunion. Which says, to me, that JT still needs to tap into that nostalgia for his comeback. 

The other big headline about the performance had to do with another guest: Travis Kelce, aka Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. The gossip antennae are tracking Travis constantly, even closer now that he and Taylor are back in LA while she’s on hiatus from touring, so here’s TNT doing JT another solid. 


Other than that? Kind of a shrug. Maybe that will change tomorrow once the full album drops with some bangers to spark more buzz but, right now, everything around JT seems pretty muted. And he needs to make as much of an impact these next two weeks before Beyoncé and Taylor completely take over. 

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