The two best queens are back with a brand-new season of UNHhhhh, the hit show where Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova talk about whatever they want, because it’s their show and not yours. If you haven’t heard of UNHhhh, your life up until this point has been objectively worse for it. UNHhhh has a simple premise: it’s two hilarious drag queens giving you their opinions on a variety of subjects. Trixie and Katya have a magical rapport. Trixie’s humour, sometimes biting and other times just ridiculous, combined with Katya’s wacky stories and iconic laugh make the show so freaking funny. To make it even better, the show is edited in a really unique and creative way, adding extra humour and value to what the queens are saying. You’ll probably find film textbooks with this editing style in 10 years, it’s that revolutionary. To catch you up, here’s a playlist of every UNHhhh episode ever produced. I watched it all in one sitting, so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself if you do too. 


(Side note: I know this episode technically premiered a week ago on WOW Presents Plus, the paid for subscription service to exclusive World of Wonder content, but who are they kidding? Does anyone pay for that? To see an episode one week earlier before it is released on YouTube for free? No. So for all intents and purposes, UNHhhh premiered two days ago.) 

The Season 4 premiere was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a while. I watched it on the train to work, and I genuinely made the people next to me uncomfortable with my uncontrollable giggling. This week’s topic was “Apologies” and they actually hit on some really important points! For example, is saying “I’m sorry you felt…” not really an apology? I worked customer service, and if we said, “I’m sorry that you felt…”, we actually meant “I want to tell you to f-ck off, but I don’t want to get fired.” Is that true for everyone? Another important topic: celebrity and social media apologies. Kevin Hart could probably take a few notes from this episode, AND THEY MENTIONED HIM! In signature editing style, the editors chose to use inanimate objects to represent the celebrities. Kathy Griffin was a red mop, Kevin Hart was a bag of extra small shrimp, Louis CK was a bottle of plum juice, and Roseanne Barr was a dumpster fire. Scarily accurate no?

Trixie and Katya are undeniably some of the funniest queens around. Their chemistry and their adorable friendship prove for high quality entertainment. Last week, Katya was the special guest on Pit Stop hosted by Trixie, a show to recap and review the latest episode of All Stars 4. Trixie and Katya’s interactions are also what made the All Stars 4 Ruveal so enjoyable back in November, especially now in light of the worst Ruveal in history. Even if you don’t watch Drag Race, do yourself a favour and watch the newest episode of UNHhhh.