Move over Rihanna and Fenty Beauty, legend-star-icon Tracy Martel announced the launch of a new cosmetics line this week which will exclusively debut at LA Drag Con starting May 24. (I’m sorry Rihanna, I was just joking. You could never be pushed aside, even by a skinny legend like Trixie Mattel.) Presumably, after Drag Con, the line will then become publicly available for purchase because I know everyone will be like:


Trixie announced the news with an image of her hand holding a telephone (because drag queens love to answer fake phone calls). In classic Trixie fashion, she also posted a punny version afterward. 

 This isn’t Trixie’s first rodeo with cosmetics. In August 2018, she released a limited edition collection called “Oh Honey” with Sugarpill Cosmetics that featured a country themed pallet and liquid lip colour. Before that, in January 2018, she produced a fragrance, “Plastic by Trixie Mattel,” with the company Xyrena. She’s also worked at Sephora, Ulta, and MAC, even attending beauty school before she quit to do Drag Race.

We don’t have many details about the line, its products, or even the company she intends to partner with. In the past, both of her cosmetic partners were vegan friendly brands. She might just continue her partnership with Sugarpill, especially because if vegan friendliness is a requirement, it knocks out most of the industry’s big names. Sugarpill shares Trixie’s aesthetic, and she’s worked with them in the past so their backing would make the most sense. We’ll know soon because on Instagram, Trixie told followers that a big reveal was coming today. 

We do know that the line is called Trixie Cosmetics (based on the Twitter account she created for it), and it has the usual bold, pink, Barbie aesthetic of Trixie’s character. She loves bright colours, but her “Oh Honey” collection demonstrates that she’s cognizant and very capable of producing palettes for the ordinary person. That means that her line will probably be applicable to both fans and other drag queens, although I’m not even sure why she’s releasing it now when it’s been available for years


This is a big year for Trixie. In addition to her make-up line, she also screened her new documentary Moving Parts at the Tribeca Festival last week. It’s supposed to be a gritty, authentic examination of the drag queen life, and even includes Katya’s breakdown on the set of UNHhhh. I cannot wait to see the documentary that’s being hailed as a “snapshot of the Golden Age of Drag”. In addition to UNHhhh, there’s also the Trixie and Katya show on Viceland, and two country/folk albums brilliantly called “Two Birds” and “One Stone.”

Recently I wrote about the Second Reign of RuPaul and how it isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. We all know that RuPaul keeps Michelle Visage close by so he can be eternally young by singing to her hair à la Mother Gothel from Tangled, but there will eventually come a time when his reign will end. Someone will have to take over his Drag Empire. Trixie is following in RuPaul’s footsteps and even surpassing him at some points. Her cosmetic line is launching now, and we’re still waiting to hear any news on the Mally x RuPaul collaboration promised last April. Trixie carries a drag title, a large fanbase, and a killer career. No one can replace mama Ru, but I can’t think of any better heir.