Lainey has been trying to convince me and our site manager, Emily, to get on board with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s rekindled romance since they were spotted hanging out again in October. Lainey’s been all about that same old Jelena love since day one but this time around, she’s positing that Justin and Selena are actually good for each other. Fine, it’s true that since Jelena 3.0 started heating up again, we’ve pretty much only seen Bieber at church or with that hot pastor dude. He’s stayed out of the spotlight, out of trouble and according to multiple reports, he’s been a supportive and doting partner to Selena through her struggles with her mental health. So, maybe they really are maturing together. I’m still not on board but this time, solely for superficial and cynical reasons. 

PEOPLE has new photos of Justin and Selena in Jamaica for Justin dad’s wedding. They’re hugging and kissing in bathing suits. They look VERY into each other. That’s never been Jelena’s problem, has it? It’s always been intense and passionate. I just don’t understand how you can be intensely passionate about THAT HAIR. Justin Bieber is almost back to the Full Bieber hairstyle we were introduced to during the Baby era except this time, it looks like the budget Aaron Carter version of that haircut. If Selena and Justin really are happy and healthy together, should I stop being an asshole and just let them live? Probably. BUT THAT HAIR. I can’t. 

Justin and Selena also shared a “romantic moment” on some steps in Jamaica while they were vacationing after his dad’s wedding. Justin was seen holding Selena’s head in his hands and gazing into her eyes. Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Listen, I LOVE love! And I love young love! I’m telling you, I blame the hair. Or the tattoos.  Either one. 

Justin and Selena’s Jamaica PDA may just prove Lainey’s theory about an imminent engagement. Both of their parents had kids young. They just watched Jeremy Bieber get married in what looked like a beautiful ceremony. If they really are new and improved churchgoing folk, are there wedding bells around the corner? For the love of Beyoncé, can Justin get a haircut first? 

If you like creeping other people’s weddings as much as I do, I’ll leave you with some shots of Bieber acting as a groomsman at his dad’s wedding. 


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