Dear Gossips, 

You know what I was stupidly naïve about heading into Super Bowl weekend? How many celebrities would be there… considering that, you know, it’s a pandemic. But celebrities have always been part of the big game – in the stands and in commercials so, I guess, why would this year be any different? 


Sarah will be posting about a few of the movie-related commercials later on, and Cody’s got The Weeknd’s halftime show covered, so to start, I’ll keep it to Canada at the Super Bowl with the return of Wayne’s World… plus Cardi B. An excellent combination. Cardi’s famous tongue roll at the end really brings it home. 


And then there’s Drake from State Farm. As it always is where Drake is concerned, it’s the reaction to Drake doing anything that completes the picture. Here’s the spot: 


And here are some LOLs:


Of course there were also the obligatory “WHERE’s THE ALBUM, you found time to be Drake from State Farm and not a Certified Lover Boy” tweets. Which…obviously Drake doesn’t mind. Drake is where he always seems to find himself: winning at social media. Speaking of social media, there have in years past been times when Drake and The Weeknd, both from Toronto, have had their issues. Last night is not one of those times. He shouted out Abel on stories last night and repped the city: 

But is he going to keep the heart in his hair until the album drops? 

Yours in gossip,