The January 6 hearings are slowly driving us all mad. Exhibit A: Twitter went nuts for a mildly cute white dude in the audience who looks like Clark Kent, if the criteria for looking like Clark Kent is just “wears glasses”. (DListed)


Zac Efron adds fuel to the fire that there is some kind of High School Musical reunion coming. Feels like a major step back for him and Vanessa Hudgens, if true. (Popsugar)

Revisit the Twin Peaks TCA presentation, thirty-two years ago today. I started re-watching Twin Peaks: The Return recently. We truly did not appreciate how masterful that series is, and we still don’t. We don’t even deserve to look at these photos of young Kyle MacLachlan. (Go Fug Yourself)

Amanda Seyfried auditioned hard for the Wicked movie and lost out to Ariana Grande. I bet that’s a lot easier to bear now, with her Emmy nomination for The Dropout. Also, Wicked is bad and Seyfried probably dodged a bullet. (Celebitchy)

Chris Hayes explains why that deliberately humiliating clip of Josh Hawley running from the mob—that he riled up earlier in the day—on January 6 was included in the hearings. As if it being a humiliating clip of Josh Hawley doing anything wasn’t enough justification. (Pajiba)


Bonus: an entire thread devoted to playing that clip of Josh Hawley running away set various humorous music samples.