Zendaya confirmed last week that she will NOT be attending the Met Gala because of her work schedule. She’s been in Boston filming Challengers with Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist. It’s a romantic drama – she plays an former tennis player who is the coach of a world champion, also her husband, and when he starts slumping, she arranges for him to play in a “Challenger” event, which is like the circuit that players are on before they hit the highest level. In that tournament though he meets another player who used to be Zendaya’s boyfriend. Um… I am ALL THE WAY in on this plot. And if that’s the reason why she’s skipping this year’s Met Gala, so be it. There will be others. 


Anyway, last week Zendaya was seen in New York visiting Tom who’s there shooting his own project. Now he’s the one visiting her in Boston, as they were photographed just the other day shopping on Newbury St. so they’ve finding time for each other in their schedules and hanging out whenever they can,  which, of course, is setting social media on squeal mode because they’re basically Twitter’s favourite celebrity couple at this point. And they’re not too precious to take photos with fans. As the kids would say, protect them! They’re too much and just right! 

Also… I love this sweater, whatever this sweater is that she’s wearing, it’s perfect, like all the way around 360 degrees. 

Of course it’s perfect. Even when it’s not red carpet snatched, her clothes are still bomb.