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As this is the last site intro before Christmas, let’s open today on a couple of “bests” from 2017. Back in November, on Show Your Work, Duana and I talked about Radhika Jones, the new editor at Vanity Fair, and how she wore a pair of fox-print tights to her first major company meeting and some anonymous fashion editor sneered to Women’s Wear Daily that Anna Wintour and the style police weren’t impressed. Which made Radhika an instant social media star. As Duana and I discussed though… we weren’t buying that this is how Anna reacted. Anna, of course, would have been on the recruitment team that eventually chose Radhika. But, as an update to the story, here’s what Duana texted me yesterday and she was like, I really want to see your face the minute you read this. Because, obviously, my face was JOY. 


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So good, right?!?

Now let’s go back to March of this year, for one of the videos of the year when this moment went viral – I am STILL laughing: 


Everything about this is perfect. It’s not just that Marion Kelly interrupted her dad – it’s the WAY she interrupted him, stomp-dancing to whatever funky beat that was playing in her head, and then sat on the bed to examine whatever it was that she was eating, no f-cks to give that dad has just tried to swat her away, oh and then her backup dancer in a saucer chair rolls in to join the party… before mom panics in to drag them out of there. 

For Christmas, I want Marion Kelly to kick BB-8’s ass. 

From all of us here at LaineyGossip – Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Everything! We hope you are safe, healthy, and loved. 

Have a great weekend!

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