Just in case you thought April was all about the Avengers, Game of Thrones is here to remind you that April is ALSO all about Westeros. (Is this the busiest pop culture spring ever?) New teasers just dropped, with some new footage and some recycled, and a lot to talk about. Chiefly, ARYA AND JON IN THE GODWOOD. This is the first time Arya and Jon have seen each other since SEASON ONE. This is the reunion I have most been anticipating, and I can’t wait to see how these two interact when they are so changed. I’ve been thinking lately about how hapless the Starks were back in season one, with Ned’s good intentions walking him straight to his own beheading, Sansa’s misguided princess fantasy, Bran’s, er, mishap, and Arya’s tomboy tendencies rendering her a misfit at court. Looking at the Stark children back then, would you assume they would grow up—well, the survivors, anyway—to be among the most dangerous and powerful people left playing the game of thrones? The Starks will f-ck you up, just ask Littlefinger.


We also get a bit of Tyrion in what appears to be a meeting, advising everyone that “we must fight together now, or die”. This goes back to my original point about the final season. Sure, the Iron Throne is still up for grabs, but what is the point ruling if everyone is dead? Politics is important to Game of Thrones but we have reached the point where politicking might get everyone killed. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the characters steeped in politics, like Tyrion, Sansa, and Cersei, deal with fighting an enemy that is apolitical. 


And then there is the teaser that is just scenes from a sacked, empty Winterfell, post-battle, I presume. Tyrion’s Hand pin, Jaime’s golden hand, Needle, Longclaw, what looks like a dead dragon, THAT F-CKING FEATHER. Is this actual footage from the episode after the inevitable Battle of Winterfell and they lost? Everyone died? Or is this just promotional footage, like that teaser in the crypt? I fully expect everyone to die but honestly, if everyone does die, I WILL BE A BROKEN PERSON. I need at least, like, Ghost to survive. (Who am I kidding, the dire wolves exist to die for Starks, Ghost is doomed.) What if it is actual footage and everyone DID die and the final episodes are Cersei vs. the White Walkers? Would anyone see that coming?! 


Attached - Some of the cast of Game of Thrones, including Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, and Isaac Hempstead Wright making promotional rounds in New York.