We’re now a week away from the kickoff of this year’s Cannes Film Festival and one of the big screenings will be the highly anticipated world premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise, obviously, will lead the cast and he is a big deal all by himself but imagine the splash it would make if Lady Gaga also shows up? 


Gaga, as we all now know, wrote a song for the soundtrack, an all-the-feels banger of a track that’s totally the Top Gun vibe. But it wasn’t always meant to be Gaga. Tyler Joseph of 21 Pilots just revealed in an interview this week that the band was originally supposed to write music for the movie but then…

“I was working with the music placement person for the new ‘Top Gun’ on writing a new song for them, and then I believe Tom Cruise came in and just fired everyone,” Joseph said. “You’ve seen that new ‘Top Gun’ thing that he’s got? The trailer has been out for, like, three years, so there’s been a few overhauls, and I was a part of that, so, they moved on.”

Tom Cruise apparently didn’t like their sound, so I guess he went looking for a sound that he thought better suited his movie – and I think we can all agree, it’s definitely his movie, right down to the music. If there was ever any doubt just how invested he gets in his projects, the answer is FULLY invested. 


So, back to Gaga, and whether or not she’ll be in Cannes with him…

I just checked and the last time she was there was in 2011, performing on the Croisette but not actually walking those famous red steps into the Palais.

Lady Gaga performs her new song 'Judas' during the 'Le Grand Journal' tv show at Martinez Beach Pier on May 11, 2011 in Cannes, France

If it were up to Tom Cruise, who knows how to maximise all the attention for his movies, she would be there and he would totally invite her. It’s just a matter of whether or not it works for her schedule and if she’d want to be a part of it. I know the automatic assumption would be of course she’d want to be a part of it but I don’t think that with Gaga it’s a given. She may want to save that experience, when she does it for the first time, for when she’s repping her own film and her own acting performance, that could totally be a factor. 

In the meantime, here she is with her boyfriend Michael Polansky in LA.