I love this outfit on Tyra Banks. Not only because it’s a good outfit but also because she’s wearing the sh-t out of it. She would, of course. She’s TYRA. 

All of this is great, specifically for the venue. This is a music awards show. You’re supposed to get loud – in the performance, be in with instruments or with clothing. So the yellow works. The animal print works. The red accent on the belt works. The printed tights work. The boots definitely work. Patent leather thigh high boots were made for music award show red carpets. 

But then… it’s all of that… on HER. I know you’ve seen Tyra pose and walk and pose on camera. But when you see it in person, it reminds you that some models, the really special ones, the legends, they really are on their own planet. She has this way of moving from position to position on the carpet that’s sort of like she’s dragging her feet but it’s not but it’s mesmerising, as she’s taking her sweet f-cking time, and in that moment, if someone told you that she invented thigh-high boot, you would believe them because no one has ever shown them off to such great effect. Our carpet cameras kept lingering on those boots, not because it was a perv shot but because just watching her move in them was great TV. (That, by the way, is the skill of a director who knows what she’s doing and what she’s looking for. A director who understands what a red carpet show is all about – shout out to you, Gillian Parker!) Duana is probably going to make me reenact this later when I see her. And I will yell at her and tell her that I can’t. My body just won’t do that. YOUR body won’t do that.