There are two pop culture Fergies – Sarah Ferguson and Stacy Ferguson – and neither one of them is top of mind when it comes to the Oscars but Stacy’s a musician and there are musical performances at the Oscars all the time so you might think that she’d be the one more likely to attend if one of them had to, right? 


In this case, though, we’re not talking about the Black Eyed Pea, we are talking about the other Fergie, the one who married the shame of the British royal family, aka Prince Andrew. Fergie is tight with the Presleys and since Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is one of the Best Picture nominees, there are now rumours that she’ll be a presenter at the Oscars on Sunday. 

The rumour originated from the Sun in the UK, not exactly the most reliable source for anything to do with the Oscars. But Fergie is English and these people leak sh-t to the British tabloids all the time. So it’s possible that Fergie could be feeding them the information. The way they reported the information, though, is hilarious. Per the Sun’s source: 

“There have been discussions about The Duchess attending and it now looks as though that will happen — the plan is for her to present an award.

“She has been a very close friend of the Presley family, especially Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie, and she even spoke at her funeral recently.

“That sparked some conversations about the possibility of her attending – and after some back and forth it looks like it’s happening.”

The source added: “It’s a big deal to have her there, but it’s a big deal for the Duchess too.


A big deal? For the Oscars? To have Fergie there? 

The Oscars confirmed Rihanna. SHE is their big deal. Fergie? Please. 

The Oscars aren’t counting on Fergie to attend the Oscars to boost their ratings or add prestige to their event, are you f-cking kidding me? 

The Oscars consider Cate Blanchett to be more royal than Fergie – what is this fraud hype they’re trying to sell? 

Well, she is trying to sell something: her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady, a historical romance. Fergie was in New York today on her press tour to promote it. The other day she released… I guess… like a trailer for it? Starring herself. 


This sent me…

I mean, you almost have to respect it. The hustle. The willingness to do just about anything because someone has to work, someone has to pay for all the things, and it’s certainly not Andrew these days. They’re getting booted out of the Royal Lodge for Frogmore Cottage. They’re downsizing. So Fergie is the income now. Fergie’s bodice-rippers have to fund their lives and that’s why the thirst could take her to the Oscars red carpet, if the Academy actually extends her an invitation. The Golden Globes? No problem, they’re desperate as f-ck. The Oscar Academy, however, is usually a lot more discerning. Curious to see which way they go.