The UK tabloids and the haters are making a fuss about the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle registered domain names for baby Lilibet a few days before she was born, like it’s some kind of a gotcha moment about their motivations. This is a baby checklist item for famous people now. Because if you don’t do it, people will start exploiting your child, profiting off them, resulting in all kinds of headache later. So I don’t know why this is a story. Except of course I do and so do you – the tabloids are gonna tabloid. (Cele|bitchy) 


We were talking about this on a work call today and, seriously, how does one person get caught cheating this many times?!? If you’re getting busted this many times, is it self-sabotage at this point? It is deliberate? (Dlisted) 

I love Colman Domingo. Colman Domingo is in everything – Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Beale Street, Euphoria, Candyman, Fear the Walking Dead, and so much more. And he is excellent in everything, including the upcoming Zola which I screened a few weeks ago. That’s why he’s in everything, because he has the range. Including fashion range. Because anyone else with this outfit and what’s happening at the bottom of it, of course it wouldn’t work. But he makes it work! (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s Conan O’Brien’s last week, which means of course Paul Rudd came back to do his thing, which in hindsight should have been expected but the setup was just so good and so smooth that he had him the whole way, or at least they convinced the audience that he had him the whole way – this whole clip is so delightful, you’ll be smiling the whole way through. (Pajiba) 

I am not a coffee drinker, not because I don’t like it but because my body doesn’t respond well to caffeine. I do like to have a coffee, preferably decaf, once in a while though and I LOVE Vietnamese coffee, and if it’s available, I have to order it. Here’s a great piece about the history and the future of Vietnamese coffee. If you’ve never tried it, make it a point! (Eater Seattle)