A few weeks ago, Uma Thurman, when asked about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, said she didn’t have anything to say at the moment. Because she was angry. But that she would have something to say eventually. And to get ready for it. Uma, of course, has worked on Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bills. There is definitely a Harvey association in her filmography. Here’s what she posted yesterday on Instagram:


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Except for you, Harvey. 

That image she chose, obviously, is from Kill Bill. Obviously she played the Bride, vengefully tracking down all the motherf-ckers who wronged her. So this was a deliberate image to go along with some deliberate words. And, in keeping with the movie references, it was sort of like a teaser trailer. A preview for what’s to come. 

Uma has a story. Uma knows her story will be worth waiting for.

What is she waiting for? Well, as she said, she doesn’t want to give Harvey Weinstein the mercy of a bullet. She’s bleeding him out. Just like the Bride would. She’s making it so that he and his “wicked conspirators” will always be looking over their shoulders, wondering when she’s going to strike. Uma’s becoming her most iconic character in her own real life revenge story. When she’s ready.