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I live in the city where Beyoncé, the greatest artist of our time, chose to kick off the North American leg of the Renaissance tour. Canadian audiences, though, generally aren’t all that hype. I’ve been to enough concerts in both Toronto and Vancouver to say that, well, there’s a lot of sitting. Renaissance is a club – there’s no sitting at the club! And I am happy to report that we did not sit at the club! From my vantage point, Toronto came through and showed Beyoncé the proper energy that she deserves. Our city was LIT this weekend! So lit that the New York Times covered the Beyoncé takeover in a piece on Saturday. All of it in honour, of course, of the greatest artist of our time. 


And that’s who we saw on back-to-back nights here in Toronto: an unparalleled artistic phenomenon who brings it on every level – the vocals, the choreo, the costuming, the command of the stage… all she has to do is walk, her signature walk, and the audience would lose it. Because of course it’s not just any walk; when Beyoncé walks it’s an artform. 

I’ve seen Beyoncé in concert now ten times, which is not a lot in comparison to some, but it’s enough to be able to analyse her evolution as a performer. For Renaissance, even though – obviously – she is as precise as ever with never a missed note, there is a different side of Beyoncé that is taking a more prominent position. She’s loose, she’s adorable, she is having a time. As she told us, Renaissance isn’t about perfection, it’s about having the time of your life.


And this is what she’s modelling for her public. She is up there having so much fun, it’s infectious. When she smiles? It’s like a blessing! 


I love when she breaks Character lol she’s perfect 😍 #Beyoncé #clubrenaissance #beyoncetoronto #toronto #renaissanceworldtour #queenb #mrscarter

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Look at her!


Here’s Jay getting into it too. 


That fit, by the way, was new for Toronto. It’s f-cking amazing. And Toronto appreciated it. This was after the show on Saturday night, right outside the venue. 


post RWT in Toronto night 1 🥺 #beyonce #beyhive #halo #toronto #renaissance #renaissanceworldtour #halo

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For those of you who are on your way and waiting for Beyoncé to arrive in your town, get ready to bring it. Because she brings it. And if you don’t have tickets, if you are able to, she is worth it, she is always worth it. To see a once-in-a-lifetime performer at the height of her powers. 

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