Dear Gossips,

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are on the cover of the new issue of Star Magazine. Kate was at Leo’s annual St Tropez fundraiser at the end of July and, having known each other so long, they spent some time together that week. This means, according to Star Magazine, that they’re finally ready to make Jack and Rose come true after all these years.


We don’t need to get into why this is bullsh-t, right? Please don’t ask me to waste your time. But please also don’t forget that Star Magazine is owned by American Media Inc. American Media Inc also publishes the National Enquirer. As I’ve been writing about all year, earlier this year, American Media Inc acquired US Weekly. After the sale, the US Weekly newsroom was downsized. Their most reliable reporters, with the best sources, the strongest relationship with Hollywood insiders, left the magazine. This is the cover of the new issue of US Weekly:

Repeat: The National Enquirer, Star Magazine, and US Weekly are the same family now. So while I understand that a Brange rebirth might be a great gossip story, please don’t ask me to waste your time. There is nothing to see here. What is worth exploring, however, is how Angelina Jolie might be recalibrating after last week’s setback and her scuffle with Vanity Fair.

Yours in gossip,