The last time we checked in on Harry Styles’s love life, he was making out with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo. Harry had just wrapped up his final show and is now on a tour break for a few weeks. Since then people have been speculating about whether or not they’re dating and if this is actually a relationship. What the mainstream outlets don’t want to say, at least out loud and directly, is that it’s possible that they could have just been super horny. And EmRata wouldn’t be the first girl to “travel for cock”. 


Pop quiz: which celebrity said that? 

It years ago, during a Playboy interview, my favourite Cameron Diaz quote

“I'm always traveling for [whispers] cock. You've got to go where it is." 


I just said this week, on live TV here in Canada, that back in my single days I banged my way across Europe, and parts of East Asia, and some islands. On a budget! With celebrities it’s that much more accessible since they have money!


Anyway, at this point, or at least after Tokyo, there’s really nothing to suggest that Harry and EmRata did more than f-ck. Which means that their respective locations might be clues to whatever is or isn’t happening between them. 

EmRata has been back in New York the last couple of weeks. She was seen a few times in the city the last few days. Meanwhile Harry has resurfaced in LA and interestingly enough he was seen at the same gym he always went to while he and Olivia Wilde were together. Yesterday, according to the paps, he actually left the gym shortly after she did – the implication here being that it’s possible they ran into each other. Harry and Olivia were said to be amicable when they split. Or they love the Tracy Anderson Studio so much they’re willing to tolerate awkward run-ins.