World War Brange resumed last week as court documents leaked revealing that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still scrapping over custody of their children. Most of the headlines are focusing on the fact that the judge in the case has told Angelina that she must allow Brad more access to the kids. Most of the stories focus very little on the fact that when Brad is with the kids, there must be a therapist present to supervise his interactions with them. The therapist will also meet individually with each child to assess their experiences. How those documents were leaked remains a mystery/coincidence/conspiracy and certainly a convenience, at least for once side of the battlefield. 

Here’s this week’s US Weekly cover story with a misleading headline about how the kids are taking sides. The article itself makes no mention of which side the kids are taking but rather focuses on how Angelina did Brad dirty by using the children to control him and putting a wall up between them. To the point that Brad was “done being Mr Nice Guy and rolled the dice”. It’s a profile of courage – a man, a rich and resourceful famous white man taking on the formidable, scheming bitch he used to be married to. It’s Brad Pitt cast as David and Angelina Jolie the Goliath of the story. Brad is confronting seemingly insurmountable challenges…but he will brave the adversity because he has integrity and character and his children are worth it, no matter the bruises and the scars he’ll end up with after this ordeal. I’m f-cking swooning, are you? 

PEOPLE’s reporting is also along the same lines. They posted an article yesterday all about how relieved he is to be able to see his kids and he spent time with them in London for Father’s Day this weekend. They don’t have a photo to go along with the story but somehow the paps did manage to shoot Brad in England and that image is included in the US Weekly print version – of Brad riding his bike through the park, just an ordinary dad, spending time in nature, killing time until he can see his children, in the presence of a supervisor. According to US Weekly’s source, the explanation for the therapist being present is as follows:

“Brad hates that his visits with the kids are all being monitored, but felt in the end, [agreeing to that] would only show the judge he is a responsible father,” says the insider. “He is hoping in the future, this will help him to become much more involved in the kids’ lives.”

So we’re not gonna ask any questions about why he has to “show the judge he is a responsible father”? Because if this was just about a divorce and his asshole c-nt of an ex-wife being an asshole c-nt to him, why IS a therapist ordered to be around when he’s spending time with his kids? How is it that that detail isn’t given equal weight to the accusation that Angelina is an obstacle to his relationship to the kids? That makes her a dick, no doubt. Let me repeat – she is a DICK for doing that. But, again, as previously noted, it’s the imbalance in the coverage of this situation that adds another dimension to this situation. Both of them are accountable for some major f-cksh-t. Only one of them is being called out for it. And I wonder if it says something about the level of perfection we require of mothers in relationship to the level of expectation we have of fathers, not to mention the privilege of forgiveness and who’s first in line to receive it.