Marni is not for everyone. And what I meant by that is that it’s wasted on people who don’t appreciate how quirky the brand can be. Like, sure, you can get a great cream sweater at Marni but you can also get a wild sweater at Marni and… well… why wouldn’t you choose the wild one? The celebrities who showed up for Marni understood the assignment, especially Usher. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Ice Spice covers the new issue of Variety. (Variety) 

The Daily Mail has finally fired Dan Wootton and they get no flowers for it. Because, again, as I said yesterday, he’s been wrong and strong for a while – and they encouraged it, especially where Meghan Markle is concerned. So much misinformation, distortion, and all those readers whose perspectives have been shaped and who’ve continued to cycle those lies. (Cele|bitchy) 

I watch only one dating show: Love Island. People who are experts at dating shows probably consider the US version of Love Island bullsh-t. But for whatever reason, my husband Jacek is super into it. I will be suggesting to him another one: Naked Attraction. It’s basically just people standing behind a screen totally naked hoping to be chosen. Of course it’s Max’s most popular show. (Pajiba) 

Speaking of dating shows, will you be watching The Golden Bachelor? I’ve never watched a single season of The Bachelor but I might be tuning in for the “aunties who party”. (Salon)