The testimony in Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against The Sun continues but Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder will not be called. Johnny’s bodyguard has spoken though and says Amber Heard was the cause of all the drama and violence and her former assistant has accused her of stealing her own experience of abuse and claimed it was her own. The Sun’s lawyer has suggested both are on Johnny’s payroll. And remember, all of what we’ve heard so far are witnesses in support of Johnny. We’ve yet to come to the part of the trial where the testimony is supposed to support The Sun…and by extension Amber Heard. She’s supposed to testify too, by the way. How much more f-cked up can this situation get? (Dlisted) 


Dakota Johnson was trending on Twitter yesterday because of an interview she did from 2017 and people are now reading more into what she said about her sexuality. (Pajiba) 

Have you read The Heir Affair by Jessica Cocks and Heather Morgan aka The Fug Girls yet? They’re doing a read-along as part of their press tour! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Bubble snitching is a thing now as NBA players are telling on each other. Right now the league is expected to resume the season on July 31 and the athletes are expected to observe quarantine and stay within the guidelines but there are only so many hours you can practise. And the rest of the time, well, there aren’t that many things to do. I wish this was a docuseries. (Cele|bitchy) 

The question is… “have you ever seen a more cursed image”. Like an asshole, I had to click on it. And the image is, indeed, cursed. But what’s depicted in the image is natural. It was produced by the earth. It deserves to live. And it proves that we’re kind of all connected. I mean, seriously. Those LIPS! (The Cut)