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How Did Johnny Depp Find Himself In A Financial Crisis? is the question Vanity Fair asks in the new issue of the magazine. The article, written by Mark Seal, was posted online yesterday.

By now you’ve probably heard about all the back-and-forth allegations between Johnny and his former managers, The Management Group. And you’ve read some of the information released by TMG about Johnny’s allegedly flagrant spending which they contend is the source of his money problems and not their mishandling of his accounts. Johnny certainly has his supporters who defend him and insist that just because he’s irresponsible with his money, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t taken advantage of. But TMG has support from powerful Hollywood insiders too. But this isn’t about the lawsuit. This Vanity Fair piece examines how we got here, the series of poor decisions that have put Johnny Depp, who’s always been obsessively private, in a position where his personal purchases and lifestyle have become public through bank statements and depositions. Not surprisingly, Marlon Brando comes up. And Hunter S Thompson, whose ashes were fired from a cannon, resulting in a $5 million invoice. But also… Nicolas Cage. Nic Cage has had his own money drama, having gone through bankruptcy a few years ago. Supposedly it was Nic who introduced Johnny to yacht life. Yacht life is expensive as f-ck.

For the second time in less than a year Johnny’s having a hard time out.

There’s a quote that Mark Seal includes about halfway through the article:

“Money doesn’t change anybody,” Johnny Depp once said. “Money reveals them. . . . I’m still exactly the guy that used to pump gas.”

Pretty sure he wasn’t pumping the gas into that boat. What, then, has money revealed about Johnny Depp? Over the last year, it has revealed, to me at least, that he uses money to obfuscate – we saw it during his divorce proceedings, when he accused Amber Heard of golddiggery in order to discredit her claims that he abused her; we’ve been seeing it for almost as long as he’s been famous, as he’s used his money to conceal his extravagance. Johnny was supposed to be the pure artist who had no material concerns. It was almost as though he got rich by accident – by being weird and quirky, by living on the fringe of Hollywood and not OF Hollywood. And now we’re learning, purchase by purchase, that he’s pretty much as Hollywood as they come. Pirates of the Caribbean 6: More Millions for the Scarf Savage, coming soon to a theatre near you.

Attached - Johnny Depp at Glastonbury last month. 

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