Vanity Fair published a piece today called the War of the Rosé, good title, about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ongoing dispute over Miraval. There is some new reporting, mostly about their past and the years during which the estate was acquired but a lot of the information is also taken from tabloid reports. What doesn’t get much of a mention is the recent news out of France about Brad and his partners’ alleged tax evasion. Curious whether or not he had some co-sign on this story since at least one of the sources seems to be currently employed at Miraval. (Celebitchy)


Pat Sajak has announced his retirement from Wheel of Fortune after next season and here’s what I learned today: ----/---- is an expression that became super popular last year, starting on social media and then going mega viral after The Cut published an article about the phenomenon of celebrity offspring who’ve joined the family business and have had an easier ride because of who their parents are. And what I just found out, because I’m not a regular watcher, is that there’s one of these on Wheel of Fortune. (DListed)

I have never been all that attracted to Phil Dunster, aka Jamie Tartt, on Ted Lasso, probably because the way he’s styled as a Love Island f-ckboy on Ted Lasso. In real life, right now, Phil looks pretty cute. His hair is darker, I almost didn’t recognise him. Team Lasso is currently campaigning for an Emmy. (Go Fug Yourself) 

On that note, who’s going to replace Pat on Wheel of Fortune? Apparently there’s a frontrunner, a person who has a lot of jobs but just left one job and I guess is now looking for another? (Pajiba) 

It’s Father’s Day coming up, which means dads are being branded as bros. (Eater)