Dear Gossips,

In some parts of Canada, there are a lot of people who have a lot of feelings today about the Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion. The NHL playoffs are happening. The Montreal Canadiens are in the Conference Finals against the Vegas Golden Knights. Celine is from just outside of Montreal. But she has lived in Las Vegas since at least 2003. Playoff energy, as we know, can be intense. And last night sh-t got dirty because this is what the Golden Knights did at the start of Game 5:


And, well, it got the reaction they were expecting: 


As many people have pointed out, this looks like an edit using the Taking Chances album cover: 

Still, Celine has worn a Golden Knights jersey before:


But I don’t know that we really know where her heart truly lies, so to speak. Celine has not spoken, yet. She and her people, I’m sure, would have heard by now though about this controversy. And I wonder if she’ll address it. As of the time of this post, there’s been nothing on her social media accounts. But Celine is fun – and weird and goofy – so there’s a lot of potential here for a pretty great viral response. 

In other Celine news though… we are coming up on Celine season! Paris Haute Couture week begins on July 5 and Celine in Paris for fashion week is where we get our lives. Precautions are still in place, obviously, because the pandemic is not over, but celebrities are travelling again and technically she’s not booked for any shows or any commitments that week and she has the resources to stay safe and still serve the looks. Whatever works for her, of course, because the Queen of All Feelings must be protected. But she does love Paris Fashion Week. And she does love showing us how much she loves Paris Fashion Week. And should she choose to gift us with her fashion week amazingness this year, it would be one of the joys of the summer. 

Yours in gossip,