Serena Williams is pregnant so she’s going to come back in 2018 and win more grand slams. Venus Williams, however, is currently playing the French Open. Serena was at Roland Garros yesterday to support her sister. And Venus was asked after the match about the baby. Her response:

“She’s going to call me ‘favourite aunt’.”

So now everyone thinks Serena is having a girl. A girl born to the Greatest Of All Time, who happens to be a girl. I can’t wait to know the name. I can’t wait to read what Duana will write about the name. When your mother is Serena and your “favourite aunt” is Venus, who will you be? Can you be a Jane? I will check with Duana.

But this whole situation is hilarious, isn’t it? Serena announced her pregnancy by mistake. And now Venus may have inadvertently revealed that Serena’s having girl. It’s not exactly Beyoncé. Now I love Beyoncé’s levels of control, as something to study, but I also love this, this insight that Serena who is meticulous about her training and her game might not be that way with the management of her personal secrets. Like Serena’s not the one to send a memo around to her inner circle warning them to mind what they say about the baby. Either that or she did but she sent it too late, or to the wrong thread. And that’s super cute too, non?