Venus Williams has been struggling with injury, she lost in the first round of the US Open – but she did win in fashion court because this all-pink look is excellent. Did you know that Venus has her own tennis line? It’s called EleVen by Venus Williams and the skirts are pretty great, I have a couple that I wear to play golf. (Go Fug Yourself) 


If you watch The Bear then chances are you are obsessed with Ayo Edebiri. And if you’re going to see Bottoms or have already seen Bottoms then that obsession will only grow. Ineye Komonibo just did a great interview with her for Unbothered. (Refinery 29) 

Are you playing Connections? Some people are saying it’s the new Wordle. I’ve tried it but I don’t know if I’m as addicted to it the way I am the others and also, I’m not sure I have the time to add another word game to my rotation. Because I start the day with Spelling Bee and I don’t move onto the others until I get to at least Genius on Bee. From there it’s Wordle, then Quordle, then Octordle, and then I finish off with Blossom. Do I have space for another one in the rotation?! (Cele|bitchy) 


Julia Fox’s book is coming out in October and I will be reading the sh-t out of it and I will also be nominating myself to interview her for ETALK because… I need to see her in person, I need to experience the bad bitchness of Julia Fox up close and personal. (OMG Blog) 

As Sarah’s been saying for months, Lily Gladstone should dominate the upcoming award season conversation when Killers of the Flower Moon is released in the fall. This profile by Alison Willmore should be the first of many over the next few months, but with the strike happening, Lily may not be able to do the kind of press she would during a typical award season. So read up on this now, because it is her time. (Vulture)