Dear Gossips,

Beyoncé has officially given us permission to celebrate. Shut it down and call it a long weekend!

OK, but if you can’t, we are here for you today and it’ll be a full Friday that will prime us for what will hopefully be a full Saturday. What are you doing tomorrow morning? Well I’m an idiot. Because two weeks ago I promised my friend Kate that I’d go to Orangetheory with her. She seems to think I’ll be into it because I’m competitive and that I won’t want to look up at that board and see my name in last place. I keep trying to tell her that when it comes to exercise, I don’t give a sh-t who passes me, I’m quite content to be the one who sucks. But I’m doing it anyway… and then rushing home. For Venus Williams!

Venus is the oldest women to reach the singles final at Wimbledon since 1994. And if she wins, she will be, at 37 years old, the oldest woman to win the singles title at Wimbledon. If she wins it’ll be her 6th singles title at Wimbledon. And she’ll be keeping it in the family as it was Serena who won last year. Serena isn’t in London with Venus. Venus really misses her. Watch how she brings Serena up during a post-match interview yesterday:

That’s cute, right? It’s SO cute.

When I’m trying not to collapse on the treadmill tomorrow morning, and finding some spare breath to cuss at Kate, I will think of Venus. Venus is the inspiration.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,