Dear Gossips, 

Did you see Victor Solomon’s performance on The Voice earlier this week? He’s on John Legend’s team and John afterwards called it the best performance in the show’s history. Victor’s song was Beyoncé’s “Freedom” and what’s extra amazing is that he did Beyoncé’s part and Kendrick Lamar’s too. 


As most people probably know by now, songs that are performed on television shows have to be cleared. So there’s no way The Voice production could have aired this without Beyoncé’s sign-off. And this is what Victor shared on Twitter – that Beyoncé gave the go-ahead: 


You know, though, that if the Queen herself is going to approve, you better bring it, and this doesn’t just apply to Victor Solomon but to the entire Voice production team. The production value on that number was amazing and it’s not like the rest of the show is sh-t but if I was working on that show, I would have given it an extra bit of energy knowing that Beyoncé cleared it, not wanting to make her unhappy. 

Speaking of Beyoncé though, the Hive has been buzzing the last few days because of what Miss Tina said at the Billboard Awards the other night: 


Miss Tina once again being the exception, the only person who can talk about Beyoncé and tell on Beyoncé. So now we know that Beyoncé is working on something. Which, to be fair, of course Beyoncé is always working on something, it’s just a matter of when she decides we deserve to see it, or hear it. I read a tweet last night that said that this is “the longest that Beyoncé has been off the stage” so if we’re really getting a return this year…

I almost don’t want to hope. And I certainly am not here to rush. Beyoncé in her own time, Beyoncé knows best. 

Yours in gossip,