Victoria Beckham presented her first collection at London Fashion Week yesterday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her label. The collection was well-received by critics. And she also had the full support of her family. All four Beckham children were sat front row at the show alongside David Beckham and at the end of the presentation, Victoria came out to greet and kiss them – David included. 

The Beckhams had already shut down those rumours about their marriage. But, as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, the show represented the Beckhams’ final triumph over this latest round of speculation after a summer of non-stop holiday and family time. Here’s Victoria with David just before the event:


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And David posting about how proud he is of “mummy” – again with that “mummy” thing


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 “Mummy”, though, as I’ve mentioned many times before, may be the key to all of it. Because the worst would be disappointing their children. The children adore their mother. Check out what Romeo had to say about “mummy’s” major achievement:


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So Brand Beckham is still strong. Six strong. Or, if you want to count the dogs, eight strong. They already had Olive and now puppy Fig is part of the team:


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Olive and Fig hang out with Brooklyn at the pub:


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They look very well behaved. We have two beagles. Beagles would NOT do well in a pub. It would be chaos. They’d go after everyone’s chips. 

For Victoria, then, a very, very successful weekend, personally and professionally. Which is why she celebrated last night with a dance party – David was with her but she didn’t really need him to bring back the Spice:


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As you can see in that video, after the dancing part, Edward Enninful, of British Vogue, comes up to hug her. It’s evidence of the British fashion industry’s support of her. Which, obviously, was clear given she’s been profiled in British Vogue this month with a cover feature….even though, as you know, on the other side of that, the British tabloids have been trying to conjure the failure of her marriage and her business for the duration of both. How long before another round of Beckham Breaking is upon us?