Everything happens at once in September. It’s back to school. It’s festival season (Venice, Telluride, Toronto). And it’s New York Fashion Week which begins next Thursday, same day as TIFF. Here’s Victoria Beckham in NYC today leaving her hotel in pink pyjamas, her design, obviously, since she only wears her own clothes now. These come in blue and in pink and they’re from the VB S/S18 resort collection.

We’ve been seeing pyjamas on the runway and street style for a while now so Victoria’s not the only one offering this as part of her collection and, well, I think there are better offerings of fashion pyjamas from other collections. Anna Kendrick recently wore a pair that I loved:


Pjs in these streets #Brooklyn

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And they’re way more practical. Who can get any work done with Victoria’s extra, extra long sleeves? If I’m wearing pyjamas out of my house like as an outfit, I’m expecting the outfit to be value-added, stylish AND practical, and not just for posing. Also, I feel like the pyjamas-as-an-outfit must be able to accommodate a heel AND a flat. You cannot tell me that fashion pyjamas should ONLY be worn with a heel. What is the point? VB’s fashion pyjamas, however, demand a heel. I fundamentally disagree.

In addition to the clothes, Victoria is also currently promoting her line of makeup with Estee Lauder. She’s launching her first ever mascara – I like the tube:

Is it waterproof though? I can only wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner because my eyes are so oily, otherwise there’s always smudging. Not sure if her liquid liner is waterproof:

In my experience, the best waterproof liquid liner is MAC’s Liquid Last. It dries matte. Lasts forever. No smudging. Downside: works too well and is really hard to get off, you have to put some slight pressure into the wipe. So if your eye-skin gets sensitive from a firm rub, you might want to pass on this entirely or apply a thinner layer. I put mine on pretty thick because I have no eyelashes, I need my liner to do two jobs. Or I skip liner completely and go with false eyelashes which takes wayyyy less time in the makeup chair but get annoying over a long day. Some of my friends wear false lashes for 12 hours or more. I don’t know how to do this. Ripping off false eyelashes for me is like ripping off your bra – instant relief.