I love a streak. So let’s keep this going – this is the third day in a row where we’ve kicked off with a Victoria Beckham post. She’s in New York promoting her fashion and beauty lines and continued to make the rounds on the talk show circuit, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. 


Earlier in the day she was serving body-con Miami energy in a red-orange fitted dress, which she ended up wearing on Kelly and Ryan and then changed into a white on white shirt and trousers for Jimmy – and what’s interesting to me with this style decision is that you would think the dress would be better suited for the nighttime appearance and the business casual look for the daytime show. 

The thing with Victoria is that we know it’s never just a split second spontaneous decision. Someone who cares as much as she does and tries as hard as she does is not often spontaneous. So there was some thought that went into why these specific outfits for those specific audiences. My guess is that, as Maria noted yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, the red-orange dress is from Victoria Beckham Body, a new line that she’s about to launch. It’s exactly the kind of look that the Kelly and Ryan viewer would be all about – daytime is a mostly female audience, and there’s crossover here with the Bravo audience. That dress is for the Real Housewives and their fans. Also, it looks better on a stool, which is how Kelly and Ryan’s set up their guests. 


Between the two though, my preference is the business casual. Zoom in on the shirt and pants if you can in the gallery below. It’s the fabric that makes these two pieces extra special, a heavier fabric than you’d ordinarily see in a white shirt so that it’s more resistant to wrinkling and really holds shape. I bet you this shirt would travel well. 

As for the trousers, the cut is fantastic. I’d wear them shorter than she likes to wear her pants to cover the foot, but I really love what the pleats do to shape them, slightly parachuted, with great hang, and lots of room to move around. And they too are done in a luxurious material so as to avoid that thing that often happens with white pants where you can see through them sometimes, especially in the pocket area – my pet pants peeve, being able to see the outline of a pocket. It’s a good design, one that will hold up in your closet as an investment piece. 


Unlike, of course, a lot of the sh-t she used to wear. Which she talked about with Jimmy during their interview. By now I think more people know that talk show conversations happen after a pre-call with the producers? So of course Victoria had to be aware that this would come up, that Jimmy would ask about her past looks, including the matching looks with David – like this classic matching situation:

David & Victoria Beckham attend the 'Versace Club' Gala Party in London, June 1999

She has a sense of humour about it, she says they didn’t know better. But what’s interesting is that she also says that she wishes she could do more of that now – and this is a tell, she’s just revealed how safe she feels she often has to play it in public now. And I get it. She’s built a brand, and so much of it depends on her image. And she’s so meticulous about her appearance and how she presents herself… but I do wonder where that leaves the fun. 


It’s well known how much fun VB is when the cameras aren’t on. How funny she is, and irreverent. But ironically that fun spirit seems to be missing in her wardrobe. 

Speaking of fun, she’s super fun with Jimmy as they’re playing a heat game before the interview. That video and the interview video are attached below.