Alexi Ashe, who is married to Seth Meyers, gave birth last night. Have you heard about this? About where the birth happened? All day I’ve been imagining what I would have done if I’d come home, say after dinner, or if I was working late, and a woman was in labour in the lobby of my apartment. What’s the right thing to do in this situation? Because… like… you don’t want to spectate it, do you? That’s rude, right? But is it also rude to not offer to help? Do you rush in, keep punching the call button for the elevator, shout out a “sorry! I’ll be outta here as soon as I can!” or do you stop and ask, “Um, do you need anything?” Why is this making me anxious? (Dlisted) 

Victoria Beckham’s daily beauty routine sounds exactly how I expected it to sound – and this is not about the cost but about all the steps. There are a lot of steps. I’m curious about the daily mask. I like a weekly mask. But that’s because my masks need to stay on for a while. Who has time Monday – Friday to keep a mask on for half an hour? Or maybe it’s a minute mask? The daily exfoliant though? I’m super on board for it. I exfoliate every single day. (Cele|bitchy) 

Today is Charlie Hunnam’s birthday. Charlie’s 38 years old. To celebrate his birthday, Pop Sugar has put together a smirk gallery – a series of shots of Charlie smirking. Not all of these are true smirks though. Some of them are just smiles. And some smirk/smiles are better than others. That first shot though…that’s the money smirk. That’ll do it every time. (Pop Sugar) 

Are apostrophes that hard?” Great point. Are they? Why was the apostrophe taken away in Game Of Thrones? This is an essay about the futility of all those Game Of Thrones theories – about who’s dead and who isn’t, about Bran and the Night King or the Night’s King, and about all the angsting that’s happening about what will eventually happen. So much angst. May I tell you what I want to happen? Which is different from what I THINK will happen? What I want to happen is that Jorah Mormont will finally f-cking die a lonely man, PLEASE! PLEASE can this PLEASE happen? If everything else goes wrong but they get that one thing right, I’ll be happy. I will have nothing to bitch about. (Pajiba) 

Remember when Sean Penn tried to be an investigative journalist and wrote that ridiculous article in Rolling Stone about El Chapo? Well now it’s going to be used as evidence in the trial which, knowing Sean Penn, will mean he’ll be walking around swinging his dick around like he’s some kind of hardass even though, at least to me, it sounds like the government is calling him an asskisser. (TMZ) 

Kathleen wrote earlier today about her Best Chris – Pine – and his relationship status. Here’s a guide to the relationship statuses of all the other Chrises, in case you needed a refresher. Have all four Chrises ever been unavailable at the same time? Right now 50% of the Chrises are single. (The Cut)