This is a pretty sick outfit on Victoria Beckham. The colour is great, not a colour we see too often. I like how the sleeves taper above the wrist. Am curious about the part that’s wrapped around her waist, creating a sort of drop apron effect. There aren’t any shots yet of her from the back so I can’t see if it ties or if it’s a zipper – hoping that it’s a zipper. 

And the skirt is gorgeous too, the way the material falls, it’s almost like pleats, and giving the illusion that it could be pants, a jumpsuit. Is it pants? I’ve looked from several angles, pretty sure it’s not pants. 

Finally, the boots. Really good boots. An unusual olive colour (at least on my screen), solid leather finish, worn in slightly but not too much, just enough to give a hint of ruggedness while still maintaining luxe, and a perfectly shaped toe.