I think I love this man and want to be his friend. First of all, he’s at a Janet Jackson concert which automatically, at least to me, means he understands #NeverForget. Next, he has no f-cks to give about what you think of his moves. All he cares about is the moves. Feeling the moves. Allowing the moves to come out through his body. This is what happens at a concert – before, during, and after. I would have been honoured to stand behind him. (Dlisted)

Like many of you, I became obsessed with models and designers in the 80s. This is when I first learned about Azzedine Alaia. One of my favourite Alaia stories was from a few years ago, when he basically told Anna Wintour and the MET Gala to f-ck off. One of my favourite 80s models is Veronica Webb. He was a father figure to her. I used to rewind footage of Veronica on the Alaia runway. Her kids call him “Papadine Alaia”. There are many celebrities and models who have been remembering Alaia. One of the people who will feel his absence the most is undoubtedly Veronica. (Jezebel) 

It’s almost Thanksgiving in America. Imagine one day Matthew McConaughey shows up at your door… with a turkey?! I don’t like turkey. If you’re coming to my house for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’re not getting turkey. BUT. I would love to receive a turkey delivered by Matthew McConaughey playing the part of Matthew McConaughey. (Just Jared) 

There has been so much drama with this Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai. Models and performers were allegedly denied visas. Now some people think they’re being spied on. They’re making it sound like it’s a mess. I wonder if there’s some kind of conspiracy afloat. Because these are the times we live in now. Somehow it always leads back to a conspiracy. If it really is as sloppy as it’s being reported though, maybe the conspiracy is that Ben Affleck has something to do with it. Sloppy is his brand. (Cele|bitchy) 

And here are the photos from the long-awaited and controversial Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in China. Was anyone really waiting that long? Like is this f-cking show that big of a deal? All the “outfits” always look the same to me. I’ve never understood why people care about this so much. (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you haven’t already, read this article on Anne Wojcicki. Yes, it’s funny what she and her ma say about how Alex Rodriguez couldn’t keep up with her. But after that, mostly, this is a fascinating piece about her work and what I like to call “the gear”. Anne has an extra gear. And by the way, it’s no accident that the piece was written by Maureen Dowd who writes both about politics and celebrity, if that’s any indication of where Anne might be headed. (The New York Times)