Note: Kathleen here. Lainey is in back-to-back TIFF screenings for the rest of the day so you’re stuck with me for What Else. I promise every story won’t be about Chris Pine’s penis… but at least one of them will be!  

Geoffrey Owens played Elvin on The Cosby Show 30 years ago and some dumbass people had the nerve to job-shame him for working at Trader Joe’s. “Job-shame” is a term I hadn’t heard until this week and I hate it and everyone does this. Who raised you? Work is work. Geoffrey Owens was just living his life and everyone needs to mind their own goddamn business. The attention forced Geoffrey to quit Trader Joe’s but he’s now accepted a 10-episode stint on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. I’m happy that Geoffrey is about to get that Tyler Perry money but let’s not forget that a man was shamed out of his job because people are the worst. (Dlisted)

I only vaguely remember Alexander Skarsgard and Charlize Theron being a maybe thing. They were probably never dating but Alexander says he doesn’t care if people think they were. Uh, of course not. This is a compliment to him. Does Alex do it for you? Do you believe he did it for Charlize? (Pajiba)

There were rumours earlier in the week about Cardi B, Offset and drama with some strippers. Unbothered, Cardi and Offset ended the week as a united front at the Jeremy Scott show during NY Fashion Week. Offset walked in the show wearing a sweater I can’t afford but desperately want in my life. (TMZ) 

Viola Davis is on the cover of Variety. Give thanks to Beyoncé for this blessing. If you need some words of affirmation to take you into this weekend, Viola has you covered. (Go Fug Yourself)

Anna Kendrick pretended she had plans on her birthday so her friends would leave her alone to sort her sock drawer. I love being alone but I could NEVER do this. I am obnoxious about my birthday. My friends better show up to celebrate me. I am a birthday bully, no shame. Lainey is too and we’re coming up on hers at the end of the month.  (Cele|bitchy)

Chris Pine gets naked in Outlaw King. I was already going to watch this movie but as I admitted this morning, that tidbit made this Scottish war drama a little more enticing. Well, Chris shut down the interest in his Pine in a very eloquent way.  He told THR, “There’s so much beheading in this and yet people want to talk about my penis. I think that says something about our society…” He’s right. What it says about our society is that we’re all thirsty, immature and desensitized to violence. That about sums it up. (The Hollywood Reporter)