As I mentioned in today’s open, this year’s Oscar race is one of the most wide open we’ve seen in a long time, especially in the Best Actress category. Last night at the SAG Awards, Viola Davis was the actors’ choice, which seemed like it was a surprise to her – and perhaps to those trying to get a read on predicting the Oscars. Because there really is no clear frontrunner. 


So far at previous awards shows and from critics associations, Viola, Carey Mulligan, Frances McDormand, and Andra Day have all won. At the upcoming BAFTAs, Viola and Carey aren’t even nominated. Now that Viola has taken the SAG, and considering that actors are the Academy’s biggest branch, some might say that she has a slight edge. But there is also a huge British contingent that makes up the Academy, and they might swing in favour of Carey, especially since – and this surprised a lot of people – she was not nominated for a BAFTA. 


In that case then, maybe Viola and Carey split their votes, which then opens the door for Andra Day to come through. Andra this award season is giving me some Marion Cotillard vibes from the year she won for playing Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose. (OMG how was that 13 years ago?) 

And where Frances is concerned? If there’s anyone who would not vote for themselves and may be encouraging people behind the scenes to vote for nominees other than herself, it would be Frances McDormand. 

As for the fashion, how about Viola Davis in neon? It’s Louis Vuitton, a perfect choice for Zoom acceptance speeches because the shoulders are doing all the work in the shot. She looks unbelievable: 


Carey wore the most Carey thing ever – a Daisy Buchanan look for sure; Prada + Cartier. What I call an apron dress. And in that champagne tone she seems to be favouring these days.