I just read an article about Justin Bieber that made me laugh and then I sent it to Sasha because a few months ago, on an episode of our What’s Your Drama? Podcast, I told her she and JB had the same style. She rejected this at first and then, a few seconds later, I saw her face change with the realisation: shades of brown, toques, sweats, hoodies. And now a piece in Vogue pretty much declares that he’s a quarantine fashion icon, turns out he was ahead of the curve. Isn’t everyone dressing like him now? Here’s the problem with that though: I don’t want any of the pieces from JB’s fashion line. As the writer, Christian Allaire, notes – I want the things he’s wearing that are NOT of his fashion line. 


Anyway, in other JB news, he’s taking part in the All In Challenge along with other artists like Meek Mill and Miguel. Here’s how it works – celebrities are being asked to put up for auction one of their most “cherished possessions or create a once-in-a-lifetime fan experience” that will be auctioned off on the website

Justin has offered to sing “One Less Lonely Girl” in person at the home of whoever wins his prize. Right now, for as little as $10, you might be hosting JB in your living room while he looks earnestly into your eyes and tries to make you feel less alone. 

I think I might do this…for Sasha. Like I’ll put up the $10 but put her name on it. And then, when Justin comes over, she’ll open the door and they’ll be wearing the same outfit. 


But seriously, can you imagine? If you knew Justin Bieber was coming over, like if you’re that person who actually wants him to come over, and I definitely want him to go over to Sasha’s, would you approach the situation with your usual hosting standards? Or is it the equivalent of joggers in terms of what you offer him? Instead of a cheese board, would it be Cheetos? Please. I would be so happy to show up somewhere and there were Cheetos on a serving platter. 

Attached - Justin out in LA last month.